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Born in Boulogne 92, France. Lives and works between the Yvelines valley, and Vallauris.


Diploma of a press attaches school : EFAP Paris.
Final thesis about Design with a special interest for the BAUHAUS movement.
Free lance missions for decoration and styling.


Drawing workshops in Paris.
Simultaneously, first attempts at calligraphy with the study of the “Kiai-tseu-yuan Houa Tchouan”, a Chinese treatise on painting, available at the old library of the Musée Guimet.
Ink and brush approach with the Korean Master-Teacher Ung-No Lee.


First Parisian art fairs.


Many artistic training sessions, with, for example, Master-Teacher Hachiro Kanno.


First collaborations as an artist, with interior architects.
Deliberate choice for a minimalistic expression, matching with design.
Kind recognition from far eastern art lovers, seduced by this occidental way of painting with ink, sensible to a poetical interpretation of calligraphy.

« Once he admires things, the Japanese experience an aesthetic appeal, to the absence of things. »

Here is a rough translation of René Guilleré’s words about Japanese culture and art. He was a lawyer, and also the founder of La Société des Artistes Décorateurs (1901).
« To me, this sentence is a perfect evocation of Nagori, a Japanese concept : write or draw what remains in your soul and spirit, in spite of the distance », Caroline Tokar.