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Execution Techniques

“Bring eastern and western culture together into ink painting”

According to Gao Xingjian, Pour une autre esthétique, 2001

Ink Wash

« Burst of emotions governed by paper fibers »

Waves II – 2023
Ink on Washi, 31×42 cm

My Riviera (détail) – 2019
Ink on Washi, 31×42 cm

When Nature goes wild – 2019
Ink on Washi, 31×42 cm

Mighty Nature – 2019
Ink on Washi, 42x 31 cm

Gestural painting, lines

« Bunch of emotions, liberty and control »

Mood – 2020
Ink on Arches paper, 36×56 cm

Elsewhere – 2019
Ink on Arches paper, 36×56 cm

Gesture – 2023
Acrylic on canvas, 60×60 cm

Calligraphy – 2021
Ink on Washi, 25×25 cm

Wave – 2020
Ink on Arches paper,  31x 22 cm

Other researches

Using mixed media techniques, completes this basis of my work. It is a bliss to explore shapes and materials.

Untitled – 2020
Gauze cloth and acrylic on canvas, 100×100 cm

Writing (detail) – 2005
All sizes series of work, to be continued

Japan, Japans – 2018
Threads and Washi, few sizes from 30×40 cm to 80×60 cm

End of the story – 2018
Threads and Washi, 50×40 cm

My Riviera – 2019
Ink and oil pastel on Arches paper, 30×20 cm

“Sensibility, even sensuality, match with spirit. Feelings and mind are not opposed, we can even bring them together into a painting.”

According to Gao Xingjian, chinese painter and writer born in 1940