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Work in progress Regards d’Encre. New edition with Itinéraires art-contemporain.

A second group exhibition, involving artworks matching with poetry, is scheduled next summer.

Infinitely blue (detail) – 2024
Ink on Washi
Upcoming series in 60x 60 cm


April/july : Group exhibition with Impressions Gallery, for the occasion of its expansion : two artworks hunged. This  gallery supports Asian artists, and even those who are interested by eastern culture and Calligraphy (Paris 3e).

November : Group exhibition Fissure : 2 artworks 2023, with Itinéraires art-contemporain at Centre Culturel Patronage Laïque Jules Valles (Paris, 15e).

Gentle slope – 2023
Ink on Washi mounted on canvas, 60×60 cm

Depths – 2023
Acrylic painting on canvas, 60×60 cm


Permanent artist at DMG COLLECTION Interior Design & Fine Art.
78 avenue Frédéric Mistral 06250 Mougins


March : Regards d’encre, with Itinéraires art-contemporain. Poetry and painting. Galerie L’Écu de France, Viroflay and jointly with the Pavillon du Verdurier, Limoges.

Exhibition poster composed and produced using an ink on Arches paper


14 december/9 january : Résonances croisées, Emiko-Caroline Tokar, on the occasion of the 160th anniversary of Relations between Japan and France. 60 artworks signed CT, Galerie Impressions (Paris, 3e).

Exhibition view


September : Petits riens, Espace Christiane Peugeot (Paris, 17e), with Itinéraires art-contemporain.


20 may/18 june : Le Souffle du Japon dans l’univers d’une artiste française, 70 artworks. Galerie Impressions (Paris, 3e). Selected to appear in the Imago Mundi Collection list.

Exhibition view

Imago Mundi Selection


9 september/18 october : Fibre sensible, with Itinéraires art-contemporain (Tulle, FR).


Start of collaboration with DMG Collection.

Exhibition Impression déménage with artist friends of the gallery.

Ink on Washi  mounted on canvas, 120×60 cm


5/19 june : Sans raison apparente, with Itinéraires art-contemporain (Paris, 9e).


Presented at Galerie Dansleciel in Cannes. Closing in 2014.


October 2011 : Exhibition of 24 works at the Château de Vezenobres alongside three Japanese artists. Sakurako Nagira Organization.

December 2011/January 2012 : Duo exhibition with Fukao Rikizo, Galerie Juan Gondouin (Saint Germain en Laye). Closing in 2013.

Presented at Galerie Dansleciel in Cannes. Closing in 2014.


10 december/7 march : Contes d’Artistes, group exhibition at the Magnelli Vallauris Museum, panel of 5 artworks, each 80×40 cm.


November/december : Japon, l’hommage d’une artiste française, 90 artworks, Espace Hattori (Paris, 11e), on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Diplomatic relations between the two countries.


January : Group exhibition with Itinéraires art-contemporain, Absence, Charlemagne gallery 92 (Bois Colombes, 92).

April/May : Art contemporain et spiritualité extrême -Orientale, Drouot Group and  Metanoia Gallery.

October/november : Zen painting exhibition : Peinture Zen, l’hommage d’une occidentale, 60 artworks. Impressions gallery (Paris 3e).

View of the exhibition Peinture Zen, l’hommage d’une occidentale


17 ink paintings are exhibited during the Peonies Event in Paris : French-Japanese happening promoted by Sakurako Nagira.


Occasionally exhibited at Jean Guilhem, an architectural office in Cannes, until 2008.

14 works related to Cet éphémère si fragile, texts by Roger Thirault, Voix d’Encre editions.

First artists’ books consisting of original works and, occasionally, a few lines signed CT.

Memory – 2018
Booklet presented in a plexiglass case, 23x16x3 cm

Memory – 2018
Booklet, 23×16 cm

Infinitely Love – 2023
Sheets rolled up in plexiglass box, 15x10x5 cm

Infinitely Love – 2023
Sheets rolled up in plexiglass box, 15x10x5 cm

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